Collection: Custom Designs

Zoe and Eve offers custom design services for customers looking to have their own design featured on one of our shirts.

A custom design fee will be charged depending upon the design itself and whether it is a personal design that will not be sold to others or a general design that is published for anyone to buy. The fee will be based upon whether the request is for regular printed shirt, rhinestone, or glitter designs.

Design fees range from $10 to $50 and once the design is published and the requestor purchases the item, we will credit the order a portion of the original design fee. The fee will not be refundable for completed and published designs that are ultimately not purchased.

Designs cannot be copyrighted and cannot contain offensive or derogatory phrases or images.

Here’s just a few examples of some of the custom shirts we’ve done for including business names, business profession, logos, and one’s personal to the customer.  Whether you want in all rhinestones, glitter, or regular print we can get your custom design done for you.  

You can submit your request with our Contact Us form where you can also upload an image or drawing of your design, or you can call us at 404-781-1132 or email us at